Welcome to my home page dedicated to all lovers of BDSM, domination, leather, latex, whips and chains. My name is Mistress Natalie Rose, I am 32 years old and I have over 15 years of experience in all aspect of BDSM. I am not a professional dominatrix and I don’t live the dominatrix life style 24/7, I am your regular girl next door that enjoys BDSM as a hobby and believe me when I’m into it I can get as nasty and cruel as any Mistresses you’ve known before! In fact, I’ve met and made friends with the most renoun professionnal Mistresses and I'm known through out the Montreal BDSM community. Over the years, I’ve noticed that a lot of people enjoy BDSM at different degrees but don’t have the knowledge, yet the guts to live their fantasies in real life.

There are rules, techniques, limits, do’s and don’ts to fully enjoy a BDSM relationship and this site is about to shed a little light over all this. Along with regular pictures and clips of domination, this site has a complete dictionnary of useful terms and a full «SM 101» section including clips exlpaining all you ever wanted to know about BDSM. As well, my weekly live shows will be a good opportunity for members to chat live with me, exchanging on many subjects and answering all your questions. Everything you’ll see in this site is real and from my heart. I truly believe in this way of expressing our feelings, living our fantasies and leaving behind our regular life for a few hours. On these words, always remember that when visiting my site, you are becoming my slave and should always address me as Mistress Natalie Rose, don’t ever forget it or you’ll be severly punished!